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Pre-Printed Marquees & Decals For EZ Permit Box (Details)

Pre-Printed Marquees & Decals For EZ Permit Box
Black and White plastic snap in PRE-PRINTED MARQUEE



Price: $3.25 
On Special Price: $1.99 

Quantity Price per Unit
12 or more       $1.99 
25 or more       $1.99 
50 or more       $1.99 
100 or more       $1.99 

Dimensions:  16.75 x 10.20

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When it is time to replace those old No Trespassing Decals, try replacing them with a Pre-Printed No Trespassing Marquee!

Pre-Printed Marquees are made from a durable plastic material to last through any construction job "You simply snap them into the front of your EZ Permit Box". When one side is used, just flip it over and use the other side. Pre-Printed No Trespassing Marquees are pre-printed on both sides allowing them to be used twice.

Why post multiple signs at your jobsite. When you only need one of these amazing Pre-Printed No Trespassing Marquees eliminating cost and clutter. Advertise your jobsite information, company name, phone number, website, and add any personalized message you would like all on one EZ Pre-Printed Marquee. The EZ Permit Box allows you to maintain all your documents in one easy location while your Pre-Printed Marquee draws in new customers to your business and warns unwanted individuals to stay away.


So don't wait any further purchase your Pre-Printed Marquee Today!

Marquee is Pre-Printed on both sides for multiple uses.


Why make it so hard when we make it EZ...

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