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EZ Permit Box w/Post & Post Spike (Details)

EZ Permit Box w/Post & Post Spike
EZ Permit Box w/Window and Post & Post Spike Gray and Orange


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Price: $52.95 
On Special Price: $42.95 

Quantity Price per Unit
1 or more       $42.95 
4 or more       $42.95 
10 or more       $42.95 

Dimensions:  67 1/8H x 22 1/2W x 7 1/2D

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This EZ Permit Box w/Window and Post & Post Spike includes the following items:

  • (1) Permit Box Orange Inside Housing
  • (1) Permit Box Gray Outside Cover w/Window
  • (1) Plans Door with Pen/Pencil Holder
  • (1) Tack Board
  • (4) Tack Board Fasteners
  • (10) Push Pins
  • (4) Post Sections
  • (1) Post Spike
  • (1) Spike Strike

Item 114044WGO contains a clear acrylic windowed permit box with post and post spike. This permit box comes with everything needed to mount your EZ Permit Box on either our patented post & post spike system or 2x4 post.

The full viewing window allows a visual of your posted permits without opening the permit box, while keeping all your documents dry and secure.

EZ's innovative design keeps important documents secure from all types of weather conditions, intruding pest, and has a large accessible storage compartment for posting permits and storing all your jobsite documents.

The post and post spike system with snap together parts allows you to install the EZ Permit Box in minutes - without the need of nails, shovel or post hole digger. Plus all post and post spike pieces store inside the EZ Permit Box for easy storage and transportation.

Note: When installing post spike, drive into loose soil or graded ground surface not hard surfaces like rock or concrete. Drive post spike all the way into ground to large disc base. Do not leave any part of spike shaft visible or your post spike may become unstable. Do not set post up at an angle. Post system must remain in an upright position to work properly.

NO Nails, Shovel, or Post Hole Digger Needed for a Quick Set Up With This Post and Post Spike Kit!


Why make it so hard when we make it EZ....

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