A Florida Corporation founded by Principal and CEO David Tollis in 1983.

Tollis Enterprises has a successful history of involvement in many facets of the business arena. During its history the company has been involved in a variety of retail outlets, a security system company, and the construction market. It was during this time in the new home construction market that Tollis Enterprises with the leadership of Mr. David Tollis began a necessary journey to better serve the construction profession.

Tollis began development of a high quality Permit Box that would better serve the needs of the construction professional. Keeping in mind the need for an easy to use true weatherproof document box. A document box that last longer than any before, keeping documents secure from insects, potential theft, and all weather conditions. Giving the contractor peace of mind knowing that when they arrive at the jobsite they will find their documents in the box and not lying in the dirt or blowing away in the wind. You will no longer need to make the unnecessary trip to replace lost or wet documents, taking away from your precious time.

With this incredible new design that is Proudly MADE IN THE USA the EZ Permit Box “Permit Posting System” by Tollis Enterprises has become a world leader in the construction industry. Please take a moment to review our Products page for additional details on how these products can improve your functionality and professionalism.

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