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    Ask yourself these questions...

    *  Are my documents really safe and secure? Are they protected from being misplaced or damaged by others and all types of weather conditions?

    *  Frustrated with going through the time & expense of replacing your important jobsite documents? “Several times before the job is even completed”!

    *  Do you get tired of all types of bugs & insects jumping or flying out at you every time you open your current document box?

    *  Frustrated with finding your jobsite plans & documents lying on the ground, in the mud or blowing away in the wind?

    *  Do you wonder how your jobsite documents got wet inside your current document box when they are supposed to remain dry? “Especially when it is time for important inspections”!

    *  Do you wonder why you must replace your current document box so frequently only after one or maybe two construction jobs?

    *  Must I buy a new permit box every time or can I save money by just buying a single replacement part?

    *  How do I give my jobsite a more professional look, something that doesn’t show all the jobsite dirt and mildew?

    *  Where do I find a permit box I can keep all my jobsite documents in, while advertising my company’s name and other information on it at a low cost?

    *  Is the product I am using recyclable and earth friendly?

    Tollis Enterprises has the answers...with the EZ Permit Box.

    We have solved all these problems and more with the amazing New EZ Permit Box!

    Tollis Enterprises has been involved with the construction industry for many years. After hearing all the complaints from Inspectors, to Sub-Contractors, to General Contractors–and dealing with several issues ourselves–we decided to do something about it. We designed a highly improved Permit Box, eliminating all the problems and shortcomings.  The EZ Permit Box is a new innovative design that allows the contractor peace of mind knowing his documents are safe and secure from all types of weather conditions within a true weatherproof box.

    Our patented post & post spike system sets up in a snap. Enjoy refreshing safety colors and aesthetics.

    No more flimsy doors that blow open or break off in the wind.
    No more open seams that allow water and pests to intrude, damaging important documents inside.
    No more flimsy snap on plastic latches, or hinges that break off or don’t get secured properly.
    No more poorly made plastic production products and materials that do not last job after job.
    No more plastic bags, taping to windows, nailing to trees, walls, or fences.
    No more valuable time spent running around to pick up replacement documents.

    It’s time to Get a Professional Look, and a Professional Box, The New EZ Permit Box!

    The response that we have had from all around the nation about our New EZ Permit Box has been overwhelming. All the amazing features and the fact you can advertise your company name, logo, and any additional information you choose right on the front of your New EZ Permit Box eliminating additional signs and cost.

    The new concept EZ PERMIT BOX is AMAZING!

    We have no doubt that once you use our new EZ Permit Box, you will never use any other document box ever again.

    Our job is to meet the needs of our customers and make available the newest and most innovative products for today and into the future. So we leave you with this…We guarantee you will love this product and you will never have the need for any other document box ever again. For any reason you are not satisfied, send it back within 30 days and you will receive a full product refund.

    We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

    The Staff at Tollis Enterprises Inc.

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    Made in the USA | Available in a Variety of Colors

    Made in the USA
    Available in a variety of colors
    Quality patented construction