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EZ Permit Box w/4x4 Post Adapter (Details)

EZ Permit Box w/4x4 Post Adapter
EZ Permit Box w/Lock & 4x4 Post Adapter Black and Black


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Price: $40.95 

Quantity Price per Unit
1 or more       $40.95 
4 or more       $38.95 
10 or more       $37.95 

Dimensions:  22 1/2H x 22 1/2W x 7 1/2D

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This EZ Permit Box w/Lock & 4x4 Adapter Kit includes the following items:

  • (1) Permit Box Black Inside Housing
  • (1) Permit Box Black Outside Cover
  • (1) Plans Door with Pen/Pencil Holder
  • (1) Tack Board
  • (4) Tack Board Fasteners
  • (10) Push Pins
  • (1) 4x4 Post Adapter
  • (1) No Trespassing Decal
  • (1) Metal Plate Reinforced 3 Digit Combination Cam Lock


Item 123434LBKBK contains a metal plated reinforced (3) digit combination locking permit box with 4x4 post adapter made of durable HDPE recyclable plastic. The 4x4 adapter allows the permit box to be mounted either on a 2x4 or 4x4 post. The 3 digit combination cam lock allows the user the ability to give out remote access to documents stored inside the permit box. No more need to carry around keys or deal with lost keys. No need to drive out to every jobsite to open the permit box. Give out the 3 digit combination to whomever you choose and change the combination as often as you like.

EZ's innovative design keeps important documents secure from all types of weather conditions, intruding pest, and has a large accessible storage compartment for posting permits and storing all your jobsite documents. 

This all in one permit box allows you to advertise your company name, phone number, logo, and any personal message of your choosing all on one permit box therefore eliminating the need for multiple signs on your construction site.

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