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Permit Box Replacement Parts

This easy to use three digit combination lock is made of durable metal and is designed to give your permit box a tight and secure closure. No more need to carry around keys. Sub-contractors, employees and even inspectors can call company office for combination. The three digit combination can be given out to various individuals eliminating the need to run out to the jobsite every day to unlock the permit box. Combination may be changed as often as needed.

Lock Set Includes:

  • (1) Three Digit Combination Lock


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Dial Combination Camlocks

Instructions for setting your personal combination:

  • The Combination is factory set at { 0-0-0 } Combination must be on opening number prior to resetting.
  • On knurled surface of lock knob there is a hole for access to the code reset button. Rotate lock knob until code reset button comes into view.
  • Push the pin in with a paper clip and keep it pushed in.
  • Set your personal combination by turning the dials to the desired combination.
  • Release the code reset button and your new combination is set.
  • To lock, rotate lock to “locked” position. Rotate one or more dials after lock is closed. To open the lock, turn dials to your personal combination.

Note: If you desire, the dial combination camlock can be installed such that it is nonresettable.

  • Remove cam mounting screw.
  • Remove cam and 90 degree stop plate.
  • Rotate lock knob 180 degrees and then assemble stop plate, cam, and cam screw back on.
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